Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Help

Schedule a hearing test at the Audiology Center of St. Johns today if you are noticing signs of hearing loss.

Are you starting to avoid social situations because of diminished hearing? Do you feel frustrated because you have to strain to hear conversations?

If you are experiencing the symptoms of hearing loss, trust Sara Holcomb at Audiology Center of St. Johns for hearing conservation.

There Are Numerous Signs That Can Indicate Hearing Loss, Such As:

  • Ringing In The Ears
  • Difficulty Hearing On The Phone
  • Difficulty Hearing A Speaker With Your Back Turned
  • Difficulty Hearing In A Large Crowd
  • Asking People To Repeat Themselves Often
  • Complaints From Your Family That The TV Is Too Loud

Sara Holcomb will conduct the appropriate tests to determine if your hearing loss is permanent or can be treated medically. If a medical issue is the cause, we will put you in contact with a doctor who can help.

Start living life to the fullest again with a hearing aid from Audiology Center of St. Johns. Schedule a hearing test at once. If we determine you are a fit for hearing aids, we will immediately order them to get you well on your way to better hearing.

Don’t Lose Your Hearing Without A Fight

At Audiology Center of St. Johns, we understand hearing loss can be frustrating and stressful. That is why we are committed to conducting thorough tests and fitting you with the perfect instrument. We strive to make every client feel comfortable in our office as we truly care about each of our clients and providing them with exceptional hearing care services.

Speak with the audiologist at our St. Johns, Michigan hearing center today about your hearing loss. Start living your life with improved hearing as soon as possible. Call the Audiology Center of St. Johns to schedule a hearing test today at (989) 534-2020.

Remember, We Care How You Hear!

I am pleased to recommend Sara Holcomb, AuD., CCCA. of the Audiology Center of St.Johns for all of your hearing needs. She puts her patients first and as an independent she can fit the best hearing aid manufacturer specific to your hearing loss. Sara continues to always seek out the latest technology which adds to her knowledge and professionalism. I do not have a “normal” hearing loss but her patience in helping me is amazing. Without her, I could not continue my active lifestyle. I am grateful to Sara for helping me hear things which I thought impossible. She has given me a life.
Rosemary D.

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