Why Choose Audiology Center St. Johns?

Audiologist St Johns MI

The Audiology Center of St. Johns is home to trusted audiologists who are passionate about improving your hearing. Our lead audiologist, Sara Holcomb, has over 20 years of experience providing clients with exceptional audiology care. She will properly test your hearing and provide you with care that is unique to you.

You Can Trust The Audiology Center Of St. Johns For:

  • Hearing Loss Protection
  • To Boost Your Confidence In Social Situations
  • Improve Your Mental Health In Association With Hearing
  • Cultivate Stronger Relationships With Your Family With Improved Hearing
  • To Provide You With Exceptional Hearing Care Services

We can provide you with high quality hearing testing to adequately treat your hearing loss, and provide you with the hearing aids and protection you might need. We will cater the care we provide to you and your needs.

Sara Holcomb is well-versed with the different types of hearing aids on the market and honors all manufacturer warranties. 

You can trust the Audiology Center of St. Johns when you want your hearing tested or your hearing aid programmed. We are passionate about building relationships with every client and making the hearing conservation process as easy as possible. We truly care about our clients.

Book An Appointment With One Of Our Professional Audiologists For: 

Start living your life with improved hearing as soon as possible. Call the Audiology Center of St. Johns to schedule a hearing test today at (989) 534-2020.

Remember, We Care How You Hear!

Very helpful. Dr. Holcomb really took the time to fit my husband with what he needed and not try to sell him expensive stuff he didn’t. Very happy with the service and Dr. Holcomb’s obvious passion for really helping people.
Lynn C.

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