Why Take A Hearing Test?

Hearing Screening Lansing MI

A hearing test, also known as an audiometric test, is absolutely necessary in determining whether or not you are experiencing any hearing loss. This test essentially measures how well sound reaches the brain.

Sound can be described as vibrations in the air surrounding us; these vibrations make sound waves that vibrate at a particular frequency and with a certain amplitude. The speed of the vibration determines the pitch of the sound, which is how high or low the sound is. Lastly, the height of the sound determines the volume, which is also either high or low. Sound waves are travelling through the air all around us. When sound waves travel to our ears, they become nerve impulses that send a message to the brain to hear the sound.

Hearing, or sound, is an incredible sense that we have. We want you to be able to hear the best you can. Count on the Audiology Center of St. Johns to provide you with exceptional hearing testing that will provide us with the information we need to adequately treat you. If you have never had a hearing test before, we recommend you get you to be sure you are hearing the best you can.

A hearing test will help us determine if you are a candidate for hearing aids. We will explain what we find during the hearing test and immediately order hearing aids if necessary. Once your hearing aids arrive, typically within two weeks, we will fit and program them. We can also test your current prescription to make sure your hearing aids are programmed properly. Count on the experienced audiologists to enhance your hearing today!

Start living your life with improved hearing as soon as possible. Call the Audiology Center of St. Johns to schedule a hearing test today at (989) 534-2020.

Remember, We Care How You Hear!

Very helpful. Dr. Holcomb really took the time to fit my husband with what he needed and not try to sell him expensive stuff he didn’t. Very happy with the service and Dr. Holcomb’s obvious passion for really helping people.
Lynn C.

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